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Branding and Launching a Disruptive Smoothie

4Some Health is the world's first plant-based protein smoothie, powered by four superseeds to give each flavour it's strong nutritional content. We came on board with 4Some from the get-go, working with them closely in every aspect of their brand's development. We helped them define their tone of voice through strong design and clever tag lines before journeying through an extensive packaging design process with them. We developed their point of sale, their look and position at various expo's and events and finally we designed and executed their website and social media strategy.

The creative process for 4Some saw strong tag lines and expressions that would be carried through to the brand's execution at the final stages. Above are examples of this creative process, exploring various approaches to how the brand's point of sale should look, colours, custom type and artwork that could be used in different areas of the brand.

Following the initial concepts and brand expression phase, we set out to develop the packaging for 4Some. We explored several avenues of design before settling on the final transparent and bold design. Below are just a few examples from the process. It was clear from the beginning that 4Some had a lot fo strong selling points, many of which deserved to have it's space on the front of the bottle. We had to carefully consider which took precedence and how all this information would be communicated. In all we designed over 30 different versions.

Smoothie Branding And Website

Smoothie Branding and Website

Smoothie Branding and Website

Smoothie Branding and Website

Defining The Message and Building a Strong Digital Strategy

4some was designed to be a clean, sophisticated brand with subtle tongue in cheek tones which was highlighted in it’s messaging. Most importantly it would be the strong colour palette and bold fonts that would enable the smoothie to stand out amongst it’s competition, empowering it to enter the market with an “i’m here to stay” kind of attitude.

Our aim with the website and digital launch was to make the strong messages and all the USP’s clear and easy to understand. Small animations and clever layouts, allowed the photography we produced to stand out and really showcase how healthy and fresh the product was. Alongside the website launch, we completely managed the delivery of content to the brand’s social platforms, ensuring the content was on par with the rest of the brand and the tone in which it was delivered was right on track.

4Some’s popularity grew quickly amongst vegan enthusiasts and people were quickly asking where they could pick up the smoothie and when would it hit the stores. To help increase reach we developed a serious of motion graphics that would work better on social media at keeping people engaged and interested as opposed to scrolling on by.

moothie Branding and Website



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