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Launching an innovative, disruptive combination

Cocopro is a drink with purpose. A drink that provides both optimal hydration and recovery all in one, it combines Pure Coconut Water and Whey Protein Isolate and all the electrolytes, minerals and protein you need to keep your body and mind performing optimally. Cocopro approached us to enhance and lift their brand to a new level, strengthening their identity, improving their packaging and develop a digital experience that would enhance their social engagement.

We crafted an identity that sought to communicate the ethos of the Cocopro brand, one that is fast paced, resilient and stops at nothing until a goal is achieved. Our work aimed to build something greater than a drink, but a community of fans, fitness enthusiasts and followers who would engage with Cocopro on a deeper level, supporting the brand through their growth. We defined every aspect of the Cocopro brand, from the logo, the typography and the rules to follow when designing and developing printed or online marketing material for the brand. This would support Cocopro as they grew further than the UK and launched in regions across Europe and the U.S.

We carefully mapped out the user-experience flow of the Cocopro website before designing each page's interface, considering different devices and user purpose. The website was developed with a complex CMS that enabled them to grow their reach with premium content, connecting to their social platforms.

From Packaging Design to Website Direction

Whilst most coconut waters communicated playful and fun, we wanted CocoPro to stand out in the marketplace as a premium sports product that is associated with achievement and success. Angled strong type and sophisticated colours were the finer details that made this product so appealing. Based on a tetra-pak wrap, we ensured all the correct legal information was presented correctly and that the drink was ready to land on supermarket shelves.

We recognised that CocoPro as a brand supported and communicated much more than just the product itself. The message of #recoverrepeat encouraged people to push past their limitations, to challenge themselves and soon after take on the challenge again. We wanted this culture to be carried on to their website, creating an experience for the user that promoted action and progress.

We structured a plan for CocoPro’s digital strategy that would integrate their work done socially and the influence of their ambassadors on the website. This not only made for a great website with growing dynamic content, but also helped as the website grew with their SEO efforts.

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