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How Can We Communicate a Desperate Need With Maximum Impact?

MountainChild is a non-profit organisation whose efforts carry hope to the children of the Himalayas. We partnered with Mountain Child to develop and execute a digital experience that not only evokes compassion in the user, but one that prompts action in the ways of giving, volunteering and support.

We developed a bespoke website and donation platform that allowed users to easily give donations online at the click of a button. We wanted to captivate the heart and mission of Mountain Child through strong photography, big imagery, custom typography and graphical artwork. Every page was careful thought through to engage the user with the content and it's purpose.

Through our work developing this charity's brand and website, they have seen a remarkable increase in the usage and engagement on their website. Online giving has almost doubled and retention and returning visitors have increased. As an organisation they are now able to use it as a central point of contact for all their donors.

Developing a Brand and Digital Experience for a Non-Profit/Charitable Organisation

As we began to craft the brand for Mountain Child, we wanted to create an identity that really expressed the concern and showed the issues that the organisation were dealing with. Leveraging strong photography, we intended for the design to have some roughness to it, textures, grains and little features like this encompassed that desperate feeling that we wanted to get across. We were moved as a team but how much this organisation were doing on the ground in Nepal and how much the workers have really given their lives for the cause. Developing a brand identity for a non-profit charity is no easy task and we spent several weeks going back and forth to ensure we had the right approach.

It was equally important that the website expressed this same passion and concern and we made sure that were not restricted by any code limitations when we came to designing. Overlapping features, custom typography and artwork allowed this site to be attractive to the eye and helped bring to the forefront the moving images of the children featured.

We worked for several months to develop a donation platform for this charity website, one that was quick to use and integrated into the site, allowing visitors to donate by both card payment and Paypal. Since launching the site, Mountain Child have seen a remarkable increase in online giving, social interaction and visitors to the website. The content continues to engage users and their readership of news increases month on month. Over the past two years we have continued to work with and support this Charity to ensure their website is working to it’s fullest potential.

Non Profit Branding And Website

Charity Branding and Website


Non Profit Branding And Website
Charity Branding and Website
Non Profit Branding And Website
Charity Branding and Website


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