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Vitamin C Makes a Splash

The Turmeric Co. launch their much anticipated new Raw Turmeric & Vitamin C and D3 Shot. The forth shot in their range, this new formula encompasses all the benefits of Raw Turmeric alongside a liposomal Vitamin C and D3 formula; a world’s first on the market.

muchmore. continue to work with The Turmeric Co. every month to bring great design and digital experiences in everything they do. Tasked with the packaging design of this new shot, we set out to launch something that both sat well within the family of other products, but at the same time stood out as a unique offering. The combination of yellow and orange signifies the merging of the two benefits; raw turmeric and the liposomal vitamin complex.

The launch saw many moving pieces come together from the muchmore. team. A viral pre-launch campaign, tailored landing pages, email campaigns and website takeovers. All components that made the launch of this new product a huge success.

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