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The Agency for Product Launches, New Business Ideas and Innovative Start-Ups

We work passionately to help new brands, and business ideas come to life. From food and retail to corporate finance, our experience is diverse.

Through strategy and story-telling we help you every step of the way to fully design and launch your brand both tangibly and digitally. From brand creation to packaging design to digital web and social launch, we’re on board.

Straight Talking Ice Cream

Founded in 2012, Wheyhey! Ice Cream disrupted the healthy eating landscape by being the first no sugar, high protein ice cream available in the UK, as well as overseas in Europe and the Middle East. Wheyhey! had purposefully moved away from the conventional identity that surrounds healthy food with an aim to not only disrupt but to also create conversation around their concept, their story and their vision.

Refreshing Innovation

Cocopro is a drink with purpose. Cocopro approached us to enhance and lift their brand to a new level, strengthening their identity, improving their packaging and developing a digital experience that would enhance their social engagement.

Prepare For Battle

Battle Oats is a health foods brand that was founded in 2013 with the mission of empowering and facilitating a healthy, active and adventurous lifestyle through the creation of the most vibrant foods on the market. Through a rebrand and defining their position we helped them elevate their products and increase their audience engagement.

Investing in the Future

The investment opportunities of Roma Capital are designed to preserve and grow their investors' capital, as well as creating a positive, lasting impact on the communities in which they work. We were commissioned to design and develop an identity for Roma that communicated just this, an ethos and set of core values that demonstrated trust, integrity and care.

Embrace Fitness

Throughout 2016, we worked closely with the founding partners of Icon, helping to enhance their brand and bring their identity together under one collective body. Through an extensive rebrand process, we defined the direction for the brand's growth through not only how it looks but also how it communicates with it's audience. We redesigned all of the products packaging and have continued to work with Icon as they release new products and develop new extensions of the business.