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ICON Nutrition

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Strength and energy amongst adversity.

Icon Nutrition had built a loyal following amongst a well-knitted crossfit community here in the UK. As they continued to grow, we set out to help transform them into a market leader within the sports nutrition space, all without losing that connection to those well-established roots within crossfit and the competitive fitness sector.

Establishing brand recognition.

The project required a complete redesign of all products within the Icon Nutrition range. This gave us the opportunity to help bring the products together as a family, whilst ensuring the strengths and unique selling features of each product stood out through various channels – all without losing the established core values. The impact of this packaging redesign was immediately noticeable, with an increase in online sales and AOV on the Icon Nutrition website.

A Clean, easy to use e-commerce experience.

As an already established brand, it was important that Icon’s website communicated the same authority. Clean and minimal in design, products are easy to find and content simple to navigate. A strong foundation of user experience would allow Icon to execute a content strategy that would see their website attract more and more visitors as the brand grew.

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